BrowZine is a tablet application that allows users to browse, read, sort and save scholarly and peer-reviewed articles on the go. Once retrieved and saved, an article can be accessed without the need for an internet connection. BrowZine simplifies the librarian’s task of keeping up to date with the latest published content.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Select academic journals from a “shelf” display
  • Browse complete journal issues
  • Read individual articles
  • Collect favourite journals on your own personalized shelf
  • Save your favourite articles
  • Perform additional tasks with journal content
  • Content is available at any time of the day, in any location, via the user’s existing authentication protocols (including EZproxy, Shibboleth, Bar code identification, VPN etc)

BrowZine includes an impressive list of journals, from Open Access publishers like BMC and PLoS, to supported publishers like Elsevier, Springer and SAGE.